Saturday, January 13, 2007

Chaos is all that will remain with the latest US actions.

Looking at what Bush has been doing over the last few days. It doesn't really make sense. Not if looked at from a rational viewpoint anyway.

1) He has sent another 21K troops into Iraq. With the covering statement that these will be the last and if it isn't sorted we will look at pulling out.
What is he expecting? (In Iraqi accent) 'OK guys let's just pack up and start to rebuild our lives and societies.' Mmmm, maybe not. (In Iraqi accent) 'One last push and the infidels will all be gone.' And going door to door what sort of plan is that? It's much, much too late for hearts and minds. Is he trying to set them up so that casualties increase exponentially?

2) He is deliberately pushing the Iranians by talking against them and arresting their people. I suspect so that they will retaliate and he can then rush in and attack them under the pretext of self defence. Arresting Iranians there under the request of Iraq, a sovereign nation (theoretically a sovereign nation anyway). Unfortunately for him I don't see the Iranians doing what he wants. Although I have no doubt they have well laid plans for an attack on the US and the other dozy CoWs. I can't see these little niggles pushing them to push their go buttons but I don't really understand the Arab mind so maybe it will.

He knows he is on his way out. His policies unfulfilled although his pockets full. A term served almost totally at War. The US reputation in tatters and the world a lot worse off. Hell, even his poodle has turned away from him. Takes a lot for your faithful dog to leave you. He wants to ensure the middle east is in total turmoil while he can still influence it. Relying on anything he does being subject to a pardon if it becomes necessary. Of course he can no longer rely on dodgy dossiers or intercepted documents and talking the US people into starting a war against Iran and Syria. He needs them to do something he can retaliate against as his excuse. That is why his two CBGs are there really to go. To blow Iran and Syria into the Jurassic age while America sleeps. It's all be over and a war started before they wake up and can do anything about it.

Even if that does not happen because the Iranians and Syrians take the flak now and merely protest diplomatically. Damaging the US position even further. None of these actions will change the situation in the middle east. It's either going to get worse or pretty much the same.

The funny part was he has totally ignore the report from the ISG. Unless he misunderstood. He read 'engage Iran and Syria to help rebuild Iraq' and in his brain he though engage meant attack. Maybe I am too kind. He must have been really miffed that there was nothing in the report he could use to justify attacking Iran or Syria. I wonder if he got his money back?

Never mind. Only two years to go before the new elections. Fingers crossed we make it. At least term limits mean that it won't be Bush no matter what.


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