Sunday, January 14, 2007

Everything is so slow today.

Despite the server and the SAN both having Gibabit NW connections and being directly connected into the same Gigabit switch it is taking forever to copy my data. Because I had them in so many different folders I have to copy them a folder at a time. Nearly finished but it's taken a long time and I've been sorting out the front room where the servers are while I have been waiting.

I didn't realise how much kit I had kept. I've got computer cases, boards, memory, HDAs. Old drivers for obscure bits of kit. Old documents with programs written in COBOL and FORTRAN and old VAX Assembler code. I'm just going to throw it all out. I should just get a skip but a few trips to the tip over the next few weeks should do it. Then I'll have a nice empty room I'll need to decorate.

Anybody interested in a DEC MicroVAX 3100? I've got 12 of them. I'm going to throw them out while I still can without being arrested by the council.


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