Saturday, January 13, 2007

Now it's Googles fault.

This article described how images from Google earth have been found during raids on insurgents. There is talk of suing Google over it in the article.

I noticed one thing though. All the items they captured were on paper or computer disks. Stopping Google earth wouldn't stop them. We need to ban all paper and computer production now. We will have an amnesty where people can turn in all the paper they have or computer equipments. That will stop all these attacks. Won't it. It's worth a try. if it even saves one life it will be worth it.

What no one admits is that attacks have been taking place for centuries. Long before Google Earth. Of course terrorists are going to use the latest technology to aid them in their tasks but unless we are going to reverse progress for the past 2,000 years we will always have something they can use from the inventions. Almost everything can be used for good or bad things. Of course with the green agenda and the Islamics taking over the world we will be back 2,000 years ago before you know it anyway.

I seem to remember that during WWI and WWII we had nets we put up in our army bases in hostile territory to stop people in planes seeing what is going on. Don't we have any left or have we sold them on? I've got a couple, but not enough for Basra, Sorry.

Finally, Google earth can show cars etc but some are up to two years old. Mortars are fired from four miles away and are not accurate to a couple of feet at that distance especially from setup. It seems to me that this has been blown out of all proportion.

If only Google was Iranian we could blow up their HQ. Now how did we solve mortar attacks in WWII? Did we have paper and maps then?


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