Thursday, January 11, 2007

All these foreign crimes. What are they?

Reading this article where it goes on about Britons tried abroad for crimes and going on the PNC back here.

Now I don't have a problem with convicted criminals being recorded but I do have a problem with what foreigners class as criminal activity. You read so much about justice in foreign countries. For arguments sake would you agree that this 17 year old should be on the sex offenders register for his crime in the US? If not then how is it OK for us to automatically process convictions from abroad?

In addition the list for the 27,529 cases mentioned in the article is;
25 rapes
3 attempted rapes
29 paedophiles
17 other sex offenders
5 murders
9 attempted murders
13 manslaughter convictions
29 robberies
Total of 130. 130 out of 27,259. That is less than 0.05%. What were the other cases for? Other articles refer to 260 serious crimes. Why the difference? What are the remaining 27, 129 cases? Speeding, Parking? Does that mean these people get some points added to their license? They can't fine them or these would have been processed a long time ago.

A whole new area of concern for the public and again mismanaged by the government.


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