Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The IPCC swings into action.

Let's ignore the innocent civilians killed by armed police. Let's ignore the no knock raids that result in injury and destruction to property by armed police. Let's ignore the people beaten by our wonderful police force. Let's ignore the people nicked for trivial crimes while real criminals get ignored.

The IPCC has swung into action and after a five month investigation disciplined 140 staff for what it classes as a racist Email which was passed around showing a man running from police and getting killed. The caption 'Do not run from the police'. Of course as it was a black man it is classed as racist so the full strength of the law has to be brought to bear. Read the story here.

Is there any part of our police force actually doing anything right due to the culture of PCness and the useless bunch of do gooders? I was interested in the comment from the President of the Black Police Association that it did not go far enough. The President of the White Police Association did not appear to comment as he was not quoted anywhere.


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