Thursday, December 28, 2006

Iraqi justice.

I see that Saddam will be gone in less than a month. I shed no tears for him. Read here.

Just in time to stop him talking about embarrassing things for the US and UK. How lucky for our lot. The whole reason he was tried in Iraq where he was never likely to receive a fair trial. There are already shouts about miscarriage of justice over the trial from independent sources.

Saddam is clearly guilty of crimes against his people. But they were not crimes when he performed them as he was the justice system. Now we have retroactively imposed these new laws and deemed he has broken them to allow us to try him. (If only we did the same in the UK for Blair)

All in all a victory for real justice but a sign that the system in Iraq is not interested in real justice but revenge. I wonder how many other Iraqi's are going through the same justice process now and how many in the future.

What I thought was interesting was the fact they are proceeding with the second trial although he could be executed any day and, if they keep to the 30 day limit, will be dead before the trial ends. Clearly they will dig him up and hang him again if he is found guilty anyway.

Lucky he was not tried for anything that could have led to embarrassment for the West. Saddam didn't have the chance to talk about things in court which I was quite looking forward too.


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