Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Who is posting these news items?

Here is another news item about ID cards. Not the KGB style for the general public but instead a KGB style school card. Read here. Latest from SovietSocialist Scotland.

Apparently it will stop bullying. It sounds very similar to the card we will be issued with. It has a built in force field or something which enables it to stop bullying and/or terrorism.

Now in a way it's nice to get straight back into things between Christmas and New Year but I'm finding it difficult believing that there are people releasing this type of news during this period. I can only guess that these items are being released at this point in collaboration with the journalists who have held on to them to suit their sources. I'm starting to see most journalists as a propaganda service. As well as putting emphasis on articles to suit they are also posting articles at times to suit.

Makes me wonder what is being reported that I won't find because I'm only spending half an hour online today after being up all night.


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