Sunday, October 22, 2006

Why don't they just go the whole hog.

After the article on more cameras being added to the arsenal against the motorist I thought to myself it won't be long before they fit the cameras to your cars and it has a card swipe so you can pay the fines as you are driving. Then I thought what was really being pursued was to build a camera into every person and send the signals back to a central station. Then the can monitor everyone all the time.

I've often said this is what the Soviets wanted but they fell apart before the technology was viable.

Our lot of course would find it a godsend. Of course it only works on the generally law abiding as no matter how many cameras there are the real bad guys never get caught because they either know where they are and avoid them or don't care because they will be removing the evidence or bribing those in a position to do something.

Bit more difficult when the camera is on your person and sent to a central server. I'm sure it would be easier to justify than ID cards.

Of course 'If you have nothing to hide it won't be a problem'

Being sensible about it for a minute. A camera that recorded your every move yet was controlled by you would be handy in many situations. Rape accusations, during arrest while you are being interrogated, accidents. Of course that all goes out the window if the bad guysgovernment can access it without your permission. I'm sure it will be coming soon. I think I would sign up for one if it was totally under my control. Talk about memories.


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