Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sauce for the Goose.

I was reading this article about the murderer Michael Stone wanting his highly personal medical information kept from the media. He apparently was OK with it being used by those who have a need to see it but not the general public. Read more here.

To be perfectly honest I'm a bit torn on this one. Someone who does this loses rights in my opinion but should they be rights like this? I'm torn towards privacy but in the end I couldn't care because of his crimes.

Now the interesting bit was Mr Justice Davis ruled on the case an said "I refuse to grant Mr Stone any of the relief he seeks. The public interest requires publication of the report in full."

Mmmmm. A nutters mental health can be made public to satiate the public but we can't have a enquiry into something a bit more critical regarding our security. Surely, the public interest requires publication of the 7/7 report in full.

Of course the mental report won't point to anyone in government. So not a problem to release that then.


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