Friday, June 16, 2006

How does that work then?

It seems that despite the NHS being funded out of the public purse and the NPfIT/CfH project being funded by the public any delays are being met by the suppliers themselves and not the public. Read more here. Mmmm. That sounds like one of those half truths. The suppliers are undoubtedly paying for their time when there is slippage on a rollout to a trust for example but when the slippage is caused by the NHS not supplying key personnel or making changes then a change request is raised and then the public does pay for it.

It's the usual smoke and mirrors. We complain about the delay and the additional costs. They respond to just that complaint with the fact that the suppliers pay for delays. We go away happy with a clear answer but only to a single question.

The suppliers are not stupid. They want to make money out of this and at the moment they may be making less than they thought, read about Accenture who won two of the five areas here, but the project is not finished yet. Changes have been coming in from day one and some delays are caused by them. Do you think the suppliers pay for those delays? No. We do.

Like all big government projects this one will be massively overbudget and behind schedule. That is the nature of any massive leading edge, long term, unscoped and politically driven project.


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