Monday, June 12, 2006

The latest episode of the Saddam comedy show.

A bit like the Keystone Kops but within a courtroom.

The latest outburst in the courtroom and the observers comments can be read here.

The whole thing sounds like a farce to me. One the one hand you have Saddam playing to the crowd which is what you would expect but on the other hand you have a judge who is supposed to be impartial and making sure the trial delivers justice when it sounds like justice is nowhere to be seen. It's clearly been removed by the occupation forces in allowing a kangaroo court to be set up. Wonder if we would allow our guys to be tried this way. Five months of prosecution case and then four weeks for the defense and a verdict next month. On the plus side it is Saddam so it difficult to really care but considering we were supposed to be introducing democracy and justice it is galling that the first real test is such a failure.

One thing they have taken care to avoid though is anything that has links to the US or the UK. I'm sure Saddam is just waiting for an opportunity. Wonder if he will live long enough.


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