Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Divide and Conquer.

If Israel had known this was going to take place they would have bumped off Arafat years ago.

It seems that the predictions that the Palestinians would tear themselves apart look like they are coming true. So much for the united in a common cause. It seems like the power is becoming more important that the destruction of Israel. Read more here.

Coupled with the fact that any dissenters on that side of the border can start another round of violence. Anything Israel sees as an attack triggers an automatic response then anyone with an agenda can negate months of negotiation. It's actually in the Palestinians interest to keep the fight going. They push for more and more and it makes you wonder why Israel concedes anything. The Palestinians see each concession as a step towards what they want, not an end in itself.

Keeping them at each others throats must be a win for the Israelis and shows the world what is going on.


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