Saturday, June 10, 2006

A long and tiring day.

What a day. It's been hot and all my clothes have been sticking to places I don't want them to stick too. Being *cough* slightly overweight has that effect.

Any way. I have been reading and drinking all day. Having a chat with the neighbours. One is a soldier home on leave and we were discussing a few things as you do while you are catching up and he was talking about the soldiers who were found not guilty of forcing an Iraqi boy into a river and leaving him to drown. He said they were complaining about the way they were treated and how the army had 'left them out to dry', Well I just fell about laughing. I though that if that was their words then they were very poorly chosen considering the circumstances. I've looked on the BBC web site but can't find the details. Funnily enough, we don't always agree, and we disagreed a few times today, but he agreed with me on that particular case.


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