Monday, June 12, 2006

If I was Muslim I'd be cutting off someone's head for this.

It seems that, yet again, there is one law for them and one for us. Us, the evil white people, have a couple of protestors and they are all arrested and charged. The poor coloured people have loads of people and banners with death threats and everything. Nothing happens, a few weeks later a couple get arrested and despite them having photographs of them holding signs that say 'Death to the Infidels' 'Off with their heads' etc. there is insufficient evidence to prosecute. Read more here. How did the police identify them to arrest them? Why did they arrest them if there was to be no prosecutions? Looks like having a violent streak means nobody wants to screw with you unless we can do it from the air via 500lb bombs or by 125 to 1 odds.

It seems to me that being a copper must be a soul destroying job. If you uphold the law you get it rejected by the CPS. If you do get to court they get virtually no punishment. If you terrorise ordinary people you get a job well done and a commendation. They are the front line troops in our justice system but with no backup at all and a leader, in the Met, who is running the Met the way his namesake is running the country. Into the ground.


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