Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Maybe I should read the whole story.

A little while ago I remember reading about a International Cluster Mine ban we had signed up to with great fanfare. Well it seems that instead of skimming I should have read it fully. It seems that out of the 109 countries that signed up the UK was the only one, from what I understand, that actually makes them. The manufacturing nations US, Russia, China, Israel, India and Pakistan have not signed the treaty. Read here.

Now it does not surprise me that the UK has signed up. It would not be long before guns were banned in the MoD if our government had their way but an International treaty with the main players not being part is a bit of a waste of time. It must be some EU thing. The only countries it seems to impact are the UK and France. Now, to be honest, I'm all for the ban. These weapons last so long on the battlefield that long after the war is over they are still killing civilians. So something needed to be done. But another paper tiger. That is politics in a nutshell.

At least it solved one puzzle I had over the Dublin talks. It finished early which I thought was surprising. Now I don't understand how it took so long. 'OK. It's 1130 let's get started. Not long till lunch. We are here to have a ban on cluster mines. Let's start by taking a vote to see where we stand.' 'Hands up for those for the ban.' '..... 107, 108, 109.... That is it, 109.' 'OK, Hands up those against the ban.' 'None. Cool. Let's get those taxpayer funded drinks out the way and head for our taxpayer funded meals and get off to our taxpayer funded homes.' 'Another good job for democracy.'


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