Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ISPs pushed onto a slippery slope in the US.

It seems like a group of ISPs in the US have given into pressure from the US government and will now start censoring content. Read here. Not only that they have squeezed some cash out of them because, well it's just because they have it. So a tax in a way on internet use.

Of course they have started with child porn as only a paedophile would object wouldn't they. Any objectors and they will be kicked off those providers, some of the biggest in the world, and more than likely added to a government list.

Will not be long before it is BDSM and fetish. After all only perverts are up to that and we travel further down the slippery slope until everything on the web is government approved.

Of course the child porn community of course will move onto other providers and hide their stuff and yet again the average consumer gets hit with the bill. You see this time the ISPs have agreed to fund it. Not being government roles it will be paid for by their subscribers. But it's for the kids so it's OK.

The best bit for the government is they didn't have to make legislation. It's all voluntary. What a nice group these ISPs are. Nothing at all to do with the expensive investigations they were put under nor the threats of prosecutions and the pretending to be subscribers complaining about child porn. Nothing underhand there in the land of the free.

Of course they won't try that here. No sirree. Our government will just legislate and take the money.

All hail the state and the puritans that run it. Public servants, one and all.


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