Tuesday, June 03, 2008

BBC waste.

The BBC is under fire for how much they pay some stars. Read here. What a surprise. A tax funded operation wasting it's money.

They claim that that is what they pay them to stop them going elsewhere but a) Who cares? b) Who else would have most of them?

From what I understand they also will not divulge how much they pay their 'top stars' because it will cause others to ask for more. Makes sense. That is why many people in real jobs don't talk about their salary to avoid friction.

What I don't understand is why either of these arguments covers Terry Wogan, Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton and Chris Moyles. All those mentioned in fact. There are 50 of these 'top names' 50 salaries for *cough* top talent and I bet most people couldn't name 50 BBC employees at all never mind any worth a fraction as much at the ones we know get paid.

Please God don't let any of these mind numbing reality show presenters like Jeremy Kyle be on that list. That would be too much.


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