Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Every little thing you do makes a difference.

I read this article via the ASI update which talks about Senator Kennedy's tumour and his potential treatment. Now, I have nothing against the guy personally, from my understanding he seems very popular having served in place (if served is the right word for a politician) for nearly five decades. Despite his history it seems that those in a better position to judge have given their verdict. Plus, I really don't wish death on anyone. (UK politicians excluded)

The article points out that because of policy put in place by US politicians may not have helped his own chances of survival. By setting large bureaucratic costs on the development of new drugs making drug manufacturers very careful about what new drugs they invest in so as to maximise profit but leave many potential cures unapproved because there are few sufferers and thus making it uneconomical.

Of course as he has so much money he can buy the best treatments which are unavailable to the general public due to the policies put in place by the politicians. Of course, some treatments are unavailable to anyone no matter how much money they have due to the fact that early advances or theories were dropped due to financial reasons.

I don't really know what I'm trying to say here besides that no matter how rich you are decisions you make can come back and bite you many many years later so you need to be careful throughout your life with every choice you make. In the end we are all the same.


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