Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Politicians and honour.

Well it seems that some politicians still have a sense of honour. Sadly, it is not a UK one. Despite the UK being known as having a stiff upper lip and a sense of honour the facts show that we may have a stiff upper lip, shown by the fact we put up with so much without exploding in fury, but we certainly have no sense of honour.

We just have to look at the state of the place where we see crime rampant, liars are never challenged and even when discovered just a little apology, if that, and then they carry on as if nothing happened. Fingers in the till and when caught, it's within the rules, and then they cry about how they were only found out because of invasion of privacy. What an example they are setting everyone. Lying and theft seem to be the norm and will continue to be until our stiff upper lip quivers and we snap. Hang them high.

So here is a politician in Canada, the foreign minister Maxime Bernier, resigning over leaving a classified document in an unsecure location. Read here. If our politicians fell on their swords over their errors then we would have none of the current bunch in power.

The politicians go on about the moral fabric of the country without even considering that their moral fibre is actually less that the vast majority of the public in the UK. If we looked at it percentage wise there are more crooks and immoral people in the house of commons than there is on the streets of even the worse areas of the UK. The UK as a whole is in a much better situation despite the small percentage of criminals in our midst. It's not perfect but most people still have their morals intact. That's why unlike many other countries our bunch of immoral leaders are not tapdancing in midair and we are ineffectually objecting and voting. It's democracy you see and things have to be done the right way.

Representatives of the people they are not and it's about time they took responsibility for their actions before the pot boils over and they are made to. Of course I don't condone violence as it is against the law but when it is legal to hunt down and torture politicians then I for one will be sharpening the sporks, which is all we will have, and going on a quest. I just hope there is enough left for a trophy on my wall. Of course unlike the head of a great man eating tiger I will have a small body part from a dishonourable person but I'll be proud of it. It'll be a talking point and a reminder to all would be politicians. Funny I feel all cheered up now.


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