Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A tried and tested fund raising technique.

The war on drugs is feeling a bit jaded. Like all our other wars it doesn't seem to be going well. Street prices for drugs are low showing how useless our policies actually are.

So one of our brightest in the drugs war decides it's time to jump on the latest craze sweeping our planet and try and get some funds and support from the environmental loonies. So it is announced that 'Cocaine use 'destroys rainforest''. Read here.

Now I'm a bit of a cynic and I actually wonder if it is the growth of the plant that is destroying the rainforest or the lengths the drugs lords have to go to to hide the drug from the authorities because it is illegal. I understand that when a crop is found it is chemically nuked so that it can't be harvested. Of course that has no impact on the rainforest at all. Personally I don't see the growth of the plant to be any more detrimental to the rainforest than the growth of wheat, barley or rice but having a former bassist saying it is so must be right as he clearly has all the qualifications you need to ensure the facts are correct.

I particularly liked the phrase 'I don't know why we care more about monkeys dying than people dying but we do. So this is a really intelligent way of going about it'. Mmmmm. I think not. This has been done to death by the Global Warming nutters and people are getting so fed up of environmental issues so this may backfire. Sure there will be plenty who will cry and wail about the monkeys but those taking drugs will accept the sacrifice to get what little pleasure there is left in this miserable country. We still whinge and whine about tigers and other animals for aphrodisiacs but they still die. Few legal highs are left and they are under attack from the whingy whiney brigade soon that will only leave illegal things. No wonder we are all turning to criminals. 'Buy your heroin, cocaine, cannabis, ciggys and booze here' will soon be the cry of every corner street dealer. Those not interested in drugs will be too battered by everything else we have to fund on to care about monkeys and the rainforest.

But on the bright side they might get some funding redirected from the Global Warning pot however what is more likely is that they will put up the taxes on cocaine to pay for it's environmental impact. Wait! I think I see a flaw in this plan. So more taxes on tobacco to pay for it. A new black market beckons.


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