Monday, May 19, 2008

Another puzzle for today.

Seems this guy has made a complaint to police that a royal convoy was driving at dangerous speeds on the M4. Read here.

To be honest it doesn't surprise me. I bet all the royals and our new 'royals', the politicians, get driven all over the place by Police escort and ignore the speed limits because, well, their drivers are special and can handle it.

However the bit I liked was that he said he was forced to drive at dangerous speeds to get out the way. Well, speed is subjective. Some people think 60 is dangerous but it is up to drivers to drive at their own speed within their limits and within the law. He has admitted to driving dangerously. I bet the other guy will not as he will say he was driving safely and have several people backing his claims. Our complainant won't but if he feels he was driving dangerously why did he do so? How did he know it was an unmarked Police car anyway?

But the real telling part was that after he pulled over to let the convoy get on it's way he managed to keep up with it enough through London so that when it reached it's destination and before it's passenger could disembark he managed to see him putting on shades and covering his face. Doesn't sound like he was going much less than the convoy especially as they were driving so fast it was dangerous and he was not. Bit of a puzzler that for such a careful driver.

So won't be a lot happening here then. Just another blot on Harry's book and he wasn't even driving. Got to laugh.


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