Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gordo screws up again. More lives this time.

It's a gift. This time is the reclassification of Cannabis. Experts say it is one thing but our omnipotent leader says it is something else. Read here.

So the whole world knows that he is doing it for his own ends and not because of expert advice or even a scientific basis in fact. Purely on his perception and *cough* intuition. The same intuition that has done him so well up to now.

These changes have to potential to ruin lives all because Gordo is a puritan and a dictator who can not put up with something that he personally disagrees with. If he really wants to send a good solid message he could start by sacking every one of his MPs who have used it in the past, even though for some reason it appears it was clearly much safer then as it's only recently it's evolved into the evil drug as MPs, on both sides, used it when it was safe clearly. Then as an added bonus take Jack Straws kid and lock him away as well as any other MPs kid who partakes of the evil weed. That should send a real message about the evil weed.

The war on Drugs really is another waste of time and money. As Bill Hicks said "George Bush says 'we are losing the war on drugs'. Well you know what that implies? There's a war going on, and people on drugs are winning it! Well what does that tell you about drugs? Some smart, creative motherfuckers on that side." Certainly none on the side of law and order that is certain. Hard to believe Bill Hicks died 14 years ago as his words still ring true and he is well worth listening to today as with Bush in the White House it sounds pretty much as it was then.


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