Monday, May 05, 2008

They just can't stop themselves.

It looks like tax changes may drive some more firms abroad. Read here.

The bit that had me in stitches was the statement from the Treasury 'making the changes "broadly revenue neutral" overall'

Well my first thought was if it was revenue neutral yet going to drive even one more company away the why the hell are they going to do it?

The answer of course is that it won't be revenue neutral and they need every penny they can get now that doesn't seem to come from the common man. Not only have the wheels come off but the momentum is now spent and UK Ltd is grinding to a halt.


At 4:31 am, Blogger UBERMOUTH said...

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At 8:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bag, it isn't might, it is happening already. The company I currently work for owns a famous high street pharmacy chain. After taking the company private last year to avoid Gordon'd incessant bureaucratic red tape, they have now set up a parent company in Switzerland (so not even in the EU), for tax domicile purposes.

This company has global assets and earnings of which Gordon will not receive a single penny.

Makes a complete mockery of Bodger and Badger's growth predictions.

At 12:13 pm, Blogger Bag said...

Uber, More than you could wear in a lifetime. Even if Gucci could make them quick enough.

Henry, There are a lot of companies weighing up the benefits and inertia means they have not yet made a decision. Each new bit of legislation means it becomes viable for more to make the move.

Not only is Gordo screwing it up for himself he is screwing the future for the UK as well. These guys will not come back just because these changes are reversed. It will take a lot more concessions to make us look attractive again.

At 12:48 pm, Blogger Lil Jimmy said...

Henry Crun hit the nail on the head. The UK is losing out bigtime through shortsighted and unattractive business policies.


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