Monday, April 21, 2008

An efficient use of resources?

Reading this article on another operation performed by plod. This time 110 officers went on a special raid and snagged 15 bad guys.

Well, it seems to have gone down well as a PR coup but I think that just walking around almost any estates in the UK would have seen 110 guys getting 55 arrests. Of course it could be more but I'm guessing they would have gone for 85 year old men who may have twisted a few fingers so it needed 2 plod for each arrest.

Now, this has been called 'the biggest of it's type' whatever than means and took around four months. I can only assume that operations like this are working all over the country which factored in with how many are looking after our politicians and investigating race crimes against Basil Brush actually explains why there are so few plod on the streets actually fighting crime and not acting as the enforcement arm of some pressure group.

Now before you ask I do understand that they expect to 'free' 30 women who have been forced into prostitution but it makes me wonder how many lives would be saved from people getting their heads kicked in by feral scum, people terrorised, not by terrorists but by the kids two doors down, the list goes on if plod had a better service out there. I actually wonder how many of them would have actually be put into the sexually abused category before our specially trained interrogators are finished of course. Once they have finished it will be all of them even the ones working as cooks. It's that or return to whatever hell hole they came from. Not a difficult choice to make.

I wonder how much these raids are actually required. After all four months of detective work would have identified the players and arresting them individually over a few hours and prosecuting them must have been an option. They surely can't have been that bothered about them destroying evidence as the main evidence will come from the women and the surveillance. I can understand a raid on the main place for the finances and then only a small subset would have been required.

Now I can understand why these special operations go on, and there seems to be so many of these task forces now, but does it really take so many plod for so few arrests. I know that the Western mantra is overwhelming force to minimise risk but this seems to be taking these things to extremes. It seems that heavily armed and armoured plod are taking no risks whatsoever but putting the public at risk instead. That seems to be OK though. Plus after 30 minutes of action, if walking into a house with a bunch of your pals is action, I'm sure they are back to the station for some hard earned rest and some donuts before going home after another long and busy day.

It seems Dixon of Dock Green is well gone. It's the Sweeney every time although without the roguish charm and everyone wants in. So much so there is no proper policing going on. It seems that the Red Lion can be raided by 50 plod in case someone is smoking, or drinking soon, but in the meantime feral youths roam the street terrorising and killing and nothing is done until after some poor chap is pushing up daisies.

We need to get our priorities right. Although this does seem to fit in with the governments wasteful use of resources in every other area of our lives. Why should plod be any different?


At 4:20 pm, Blogger UBERMOUTH said...

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At 5:37 pm, Blogger Bag said...

They need the uniforms to look important. The lippy is to make them look human.

At 10:07 am, Blogger Colin Campbell said...

I blame the teachers.


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