Sunday, April 20, 2008

Local councillors are on their own.

Now Gordo is back from the US Darling has been given his instructionsdiscussed it with the PM. Screw the little people. Read here. The government can't afford to lose £8Bn pa and the face involved in a disastrous U turn which would have the opposition in hysterics and the back benches knowing that there is a tool to be used. Gordo will undoubtedly spell out to them in some way over the next few days. I wonder if Herr Dr Reid is working freelance atm.

So the local elections will go the way they go with the government knowing that just before the election they will fix this issue to much clapping and brownie points because that is how daft we are. Will it be enough though as the rest of the country spirals into the plug hole?

Surely this can only be two steps up from Zimbabwe. So I suppose we have a little bit to be thankful for.


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