Thursday, April 12, 2007

When are these people going to get their comeuppance?

Here is a high achiever in school which has enacted a policy that pupils will have mandatory extra lessons after school hours. This grade A student is not going and as punishment the school have banned her from the Netball team and going to the school prom. Read here.

What a bunch of idiots. It seems they think it is OK to force pupils attend extra lessons because they want them to. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. It's these sort of peoples idea of voluntary.

Although looking at the schools performance it seems to be doing better than average. Sadly, there are two similar sounding schools and that one is also doing OK so makes you wonder if it is the area or the processes.

What would happen if she attended up to the prom but then just didn't turn up after? After all the surely don't have a legal leg to stand on.

Personally, if it was my kid I would we investigating if I could sue them. May as well use the tools provided. Maybe Cherie can take this up under a Human Rights banner. She's been out of the papers for a while. I hope it's nothing too serious. Only joking.


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