Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Megan's Law not coming to UK.

It seems that the UK is not going to have a version of the US Megan's Law. Read here.

Seems people were pushing for more information, and who could blame them, than how many live in the area. It just causes concern and what real benefit can it being knowing there are 30 nonces in your town?

Makes sense. One thing I've asked it's supporters is 'Where are these people going to go?' If the offence is not bad enough for a prison sentence, and from what I can see, most of them are not, then what happens to them?

It's all well and good taking about killing them and cutting bits off their anatomy but what about the Granny who photographed her grandchild in the bath, like she did with her own kids eons ago, and made the mistake in this modern age of sending the snaps in to be processed. What about the guy who went on a Big Boobs web site nowhere near kiddie porn and used a credit card when the same provider uses the site to hide his stack of kiddie porn? It's not black and white in this area and tantamount to abuse of Justice.

Although, interestingly enough we will allow CRB checks of people who are going to be looking after the kids of single parents. Paedophiles apparently target these people. I'm sure we will manage to cock this up very easily. If a single parent is concerned that someone is a paedophile they can get a CRB on them.

Of course the CRB comes back as a Yes/No. I'm sure that nice old Mr Smith down the road will love offering to babysit to help the poor girl on her own and if the CRB cock it up being executed when that nice girls tells everyone the CRB says he is a nonce.

Of course, assuming it is actually allowed, you are no better off if you refuse to allow a CRB. What are you hiding? You know that weirdo Smith down the road he refused to have a CRB done so he is obviously hiding something.

Couple this with knowing how many paedophiles live in an area and a lot of guessing and analysis will go on. Of course if someone goes missing or is attacked that information will be analysed and conclusions drawn. Probably the wrong ones but 'If it saves one child' who cares?

Won't be long before all the doors in this country all locked tight and nobody knows who their next door neighbour is. Kids will be unable to relate with anyone outside the immediate family and will be crying for mummy on their first day working when they are 21. It'll take that long to get them to learn sums and proper english like wot I does.


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