Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You reap what you sow.

I was just thinking of writing an article called 'Are we losing it?' which was about the attack on DVLA in which I was thinking looks like someone has had enough. Read here. To my shock I found I was thinking 'Good'. Now I'm thinking 'Am I losing it?'

I couldn't believe it. What was up with me? The people being attacked are not really involved in the nitty gritty of the persecution of the motorists. Why was I so unfeeling?

Then it occurred to me that they are on the side of the bad guys. That's how I am feeling. Someone had to work in personnel at the KGB and were supporting them. Someone works in Al Queda making sure these people are fed and watered. Someone working in Nazi Germany buying the gas and paying wages. Of course I'm exaggerating to make a point for those that don't know I like to do that. So it makes me indifferent to this attack. I wouldn't do it myself but would I tell someone if I knew who it was? Probably not.

If I'm feeling this then there are others. Some have already crossed a line I can't see myself doing and others must be approaching this line. Personally I think I could put up with lots of tickets for speeding but I'm not so sure how I would react if someone I loved dies because they couldn't get treatment on the NHS or are shot by accident by the Police because they were wearing a bulky coat.

When ordinary people, which I consider I am, are thinking like this then maybe the revolution is closer than we think.


At 2:24 pm, Blogger Tom Paine said...

I know what you mean. Of course we all disapprove of this violence and we must avoid giving the same impression as Muslim community leaders who condemn Islamist violence while "understanding the motives".

I think any wrong initial reaction is because of the sense of political impotence we all feel in a country where the major parties have similar policies and there seems to be no lawful way to stop the politicians' depredations.

As for the role of the innocent assistants, I had the strange experience of being with a Jewish friend at Auschwitz as the archivist presented the evidence he had found of a family member having died there. There was a neatly-typed list of the human cargo on the train and I remember thinking that the secretary in Berlin who had typed that, knowing what it was, was as guilty as the brute who drove the poor young woman in question into the gas chamber, together with her babe in arms.

Too many people earn a living by assisting the British State in its minor repressions. They cannot wash their hands and say it's not their fault.


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