Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Making the roads much safer.

How can you justify fining someone £1000 for simple speeding? Read here. Does fining him £1000 make the area much safer than fining your average speeder £100? Let's face it it's still a fraction of what he earns a week so it's not really a major impact. And they say it's not for the money.

With the judge saying "In Mr Ronaldo's case there can be no credit at all for a guilty plea. The system has been manipulated in this case up until the last minute." What does that mean? He plead guilty. Manipulated the system sounds very much like followed the rules but I didn't like it. How generous that she admitted it doesn't reach the criteria involved in a ban. It sounded like she would have loved that. Clearly here was someone who deserved a lot more than he got.


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