Monday, February 05, 2007

There ought to be a law about it.

It seems alcohol killed former Labour MP Jones. Read here.

Now, maybe it is just me but does that not imply that she had anything to do with it. It clearly points to the fact it was alcohol that did it. Maybe they should be bringing a law out about it and ban the booze. The News of the World article, here, linked to from the Labour Watch blog is a bit more honest. It says she drank herself to death.

Better get my booze making books and kit bought for the next campaign. From what I remember from my wine making days, I was 15, you don't need much to get into a catatonic state. Enough that can take me from the physical plane where nanny holds sway to the alcohol induced stupor where I can be as free as a bird.

Although that could be a blind and liver damaged bird. On second thoughts I'll stock up on booze itself from our local off license. How long does booze last again?


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