Friday, February 02, 2007

Who makes up these numbers?

Seems we are, yet again, going for 90 days detention for our suspects.

At the same time we read of record number of prisoners and so where are we going to put the suspects whilst we crack their computers or rip their lives to shreds? In the end it probably won't get anywhere but with this bunch in power you never know.

But it made me start thinking about the numbers they use. 45 minutes to launch. 24Hrs to fix the NHS. 100 days to fix the Home Office. 14, 28, 60, 90day detention. One thing I did notice is they don't use the same number twice. What is with that? Do they copyright it or something?

Anyway I came to the conclusion that they are saying something it is just that we are not listening, it's clearly our fault as they are perfect, but what is it? Then it hit me. They are telling the truth after all it is just that we understood what they were saying.

You see there was just 24 hours to save the NHS. What they meant was that it would take then 24 hours to work out a way to do it but of course we have not done that we have just played with the edges. Now it will take longer to sort out. 124Hrs. The first 100 hours can be spend discussing how we are going to reverse the changes this useless bunch have put in.

Then there was 100 days for the Home Office. But according to what I was reading he isn't fixing it he is redecorating. They were on about wallpaper last week and they haven't even finished stripping the walls or something. But no real changes there. The civil service have not done anything yet so it's still 100 days worth of work. probably 24 hours there are well but 2376 hours for them to get ready for that critical 24 hours.

The real puzzler was the 45 minutes to launch chemical or biological weapons. Not really having any was a bit of a show stopper. On closer examination the actual comment was 'the Iraqi regime could launch a biological or chemical attack in as little as 45 minutes after the order were given' Order was given. Mmmmm. Is that a supply chain phrase? Maybe they meant that after the order was given to the supplier of the biological or chemical weapons it would take the suppliers 45 minutes to deliver it. Makes sense as the US and UK were already based in the Middle East and I'm told it would take 45 minutes to fly to Iraq from the bases there. So the Iraqis could prep their little rocket whilst they waited. The US/UK would deliver the chemical and biological weapons, as we did in the past,and it would be ready to go in 45 minutes.

Now where does the 90 days, in reality a six month sentence, come from? That one has me stumped. Not quite three figures so should be less threatening but most politicians have difficulty counting beyond 21 so it would concern them that it is so high.

I'm stumped. I'm clearly no mathematician.


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