Wednesday, February 21, 2007

True evil.

I didn't comment on this when it happened as having a, almost, two year old in the house it was a bit close to home. This guy, the baby's uncle, is accused or raping and killing a two year old baby. Read here. He will go to court and be tried for the offence. Regardless of if this guy is guilty or innocent the child is dead and she was undoubtedly raped.

It makes you actually wonder if true evil is not growing rapidly in the world. From suicide bombers taking children with them as cover, parents killing their kids and these sort of guys the world does seem to be getting sicker. People you would think of as good people torturing and killing, enabling death and destruction without a care.

True evil seems to come down to be a lack of morals. We don't seem to care about anything or anyone in general now. The moral codes we have lived with for many generations seem to be breaking down. I suspect this is because as a society we are thinking less and less for ourselves and are being influenced by a hive mentality which just wants more and more without having to do anything to get it. With no morals of our own that we can follow where there is a gap that weak willed people fall through and commit these atrocities. It starts with prisoner abuse, leads to torture and then on to the murder of innocents. Most will be happy abusing prisoners, less torturing them and even less murdering them but there will still be quite a few.

Although I don't believe in religion I think that the 10 commandments, generally, are a good moral code to follow. It keeps us on the straight and narrow and when we are on a slope they also give us guidance. Yet society bends them all the time and weakens them so they become less effective. They just need updating. No laws need be made. In fact we will need to repeal laws if we want to have a valid moral code.

Perhaps we simply need to actively reintroduce morals to our society. It needs to start at the top. Thou shalt not kill means we need to shy away from invading other countries and killing people we don't like. Thou shalt not steal means corrupt politicians get their noses pushed away from the trough. When society sees it happening there and them getting away with it they want a slice and, as they have to reject their morals to do so they do. Of course everybody draws the line in a different place so some morals are kept although they tend to be corrupted. But if we enforce it with what the public see and ensure that schoolkids understand right and wrong then we can turn it around. Sadly it may mean that little Johnny has to be told off every now and again. His right to pull his pals hair may be removed by being told off. These morals kept us from ripping everybodys throats out and helping the less well off for hundreds of years. So they work.

We need to get away from this mentality that we are all created equal. We are not. Good does not always prevail. You don't always get what you deserve. Life is not fair.

Even my morals are being eroded. Where I don't believe in capital punishment I make an exception for Tony for what he has done to this country.

But bottom line. I don't believe true evil is growing rapidly in the world. I believe that in the world our morals have degraded. Leading the whole world to slide towards evil. Those on the edge do become really evil but let's face it they always were outside society. We need to fix this while we can. I don't think it will be too difficult for society as most are good hearted. It's the young ones where we have the problems. They know little difference. I also think it will be difficult for our politicians who seem to think we are all the same. Who force us to be what they want us to be thinking that the top and the bottom will meet in the middle when all it does is drag everyone down to the bottom.

We are a good people. Most have morals but all are easily led. If we make an effort to get back to being good we will do so. If not it will be down the path to anarchy. The only +ve point of that will be the politicians hanging from the lampposts.

Hope this makes sense as I started about one thing and ended on another.


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