Friday, February 16, 2007

Europe turning into a new Russia.

It seems that the EU is going to gain access to our big brother DNA database. Read here. Of course they will roll out our rules to the rest and make the biggest surveillance society we have ever thought of.

This coupled with all the other things that are happening like our pressure on Switzerland, read here, makes me think the EU has clear aims to make one big superstate like the Soviets had in the 1960s. They are clearly looking at eating up any loose states and assimilating them and will use economic rules to do so. How long will any country last if it's close neighbours are forbidden to do business with it?

Unfortunately for the Soviets they did not have the technology we have now and their control was not complete. Dissidents and outsiders continually weaken the hold on power and increased the citizens power until they collapsed. Advances in Technology will allow the EU to exercise more control than the Russians ever had with a surveillance society second to none. Dissidents will be detained without charge and outsiders will be monitored like never before.

This could mean the world is going to be split into three main areas. North America, Europe and China. Who allies with who will split the world along political lines.

Under Bush America has lost a lot of supporters and China and Russia have gained some. I suspect Russia will end up in Europe but not as a leader, we already have the French and Germans. The middle east will end up with China and become a much bigger threat.

What a future we have to look forward too. Our socialist leaders are leading us into a superstate which is bent on world domination. It can only end badly.


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