Monday, February 19, 2007

Hasta la Vista.

Well that about sums it up for MS Vista for me.

I've played about with it for a while now and to be perfectly honest I've not really seen any significant difference between it and XP. OK, it looks better but for my day to day usage it's pretty much the same functionality and I don't see any real benefit to upgrade. Fine, if you get a new system move to Vista but don't bother upgrading just to get it.

The only real winners will be MS themselves. Just in case you are unaware there are five versions. For the home, Vista Home Premium and Vista Home Basic. For business, Vista Business, Vista Ultimate and Vista Enterprise. I have Vista Business on my system. Each one will cost you a small fortune ranging from about £70 to £300+. The 'extras' in the higher versions are what you want but don't want to actually pay for. They could have saved a fortune on version development costs by coming out with a Vista package with tailorable installs and charged less than £100. As it is there will be a lot of people on Home Basic which is likely to be the preinstalled version yet when they decide the want a better games version or photo or video version they won't want to upgrade. Roll on the hacks.

In the meantime I'm going to try out a couple of versions of Linux again. We must be getting closer to versions that could be useful for my day to day usage. God knows how many backdoors and spyware type facilities are installed in Vista. It needs to connect up to MS every couple of months to revalidate as a starter.


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