Saturday, February 17, 2007

Travel woes.

You may be aware that I spend most of my time working from home. However my firm has sites all over the UK. For most of this past week I've been taking the trek from home to Chorley and what a trek it was too.

Three complete trips and in each one I was stuck in queues well outside 'rush hour' so much so that the times I left early to get there early I may as well not have bothered. I contemplated turning round at one point because, after spending forty five minutes in a barely moving queue for a trip of forty five minutes, I knew at that point I would miss my meeting. I was thirty minutes late. Total trip length 1Hr 40mins when it should have been 45 mins.

Friday was the longest wait and while I was waiting I was thinking about my usual subjects. I have five things that I rant about regularly. So I have some material for my local rag articles. If I remember them that is. In addition I thought of road charging. There I was stuck in slowly moving traffic pumping CO2 into the atmosphere and it wouldn't have triggered any additional costs because it wasn't rush hour (Unless of course rush hour is 04:00 to 22:30 which would not surprise me.) yet I was burning fuel very inefficiently. Unfortunately I can't claim any more expenses than the simple mileage so I lose out on company expenses when I am stuck in traffic like this. Oh well, swings and roundabouts.

Sadly, or not, on Friday the delay was due to a multiple vehicle pile up where a lorry, damage to front, a van, damage to front, a Jag, damage to front and rear, a Peugeot 207 (I think), damage to rear and a, Emm, I think it was a fiat 127 or similar. The reason for the confusion is although it had the same crush zones as the Jag and Peugeot as it is much smaller the car was about half what it should have been. Ambulances were on the scene and I have no doubt they were needed.

Remind me again why we should all move to these mickey mouse vehicles. Wait, death before CO2. I think I remember it now. It's the greens way of getting all humans to die so that polar bears can live on.


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