Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Loans enquiry. Why is it taking so long?

Ruth Turner has had another chat with the police. Read here.

Now, I'm all for making sure we get all the facts and build a solid case around the guilty but why is this taking so long? If it's taking so long to piece together the evidence then it will most likely be a while for the defence to build their cases and then they will show evidence will be open to interpretation and should not hold up. It clearly can't just be an open and shut case which make me worry.

I can only think of a couple of reasons why Blair and co ain't wearing shiny new bracelets.

1) There is no real evidence and they are continuing in the hope that a 'smoking gun' is found. (This contradicts what we have been fed by the media)
2) They are being obstructed politically every step of the way. (We can see this but why pussyfoot around?)
3) They have sufficient evidence to charge some but not the top boys and are continuing to the end. (A firewall between the minions and the bosses)
4) They have sufficient evidence to charge everyone but can't while they are in office. (this will be a big let down)
5) They have sufficient evidence to charge everyone but it also extends back decades and to currently difficult people. (But they why no other high profile interrogations?)
6) It is pure PR and there is no case that can be proven. (Either by Labour who will get a poll boost when it goes or the Tories who thought they would get one by the arrests)

I'm hoping for 4.

I also wonder how much this has cost? Considering it £1.5K for the 10month investigation about his Welsh comment I would imagine it must be about £2K by now. Mmmmm.

Hurry up Mr Yates but make sure it doesn't get kicked out on a technicality.


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