Thursday, February 08, 2007

Drug delivery.

Via the Adam Smith Institute Blog I came across this article on cancer drugs. I love this sort of thing where people are working on things that help people through disease or poverty.

As an aside I was wondering why we don't read more about this type of biodegradable delivery system. I must be a boon for treating people with minimal involvement. After all it can be injected and left with little maintenance until the course has been completed. No more would people stop taking the course of medicine and potentially creating superbugs. It would also be easier for first aiders etc. to deliver the correct dose if it came in dose sized packages. Finally when delivered to the patient they would be unable to sell it to a third party if it was in their bodies. Could it also be used by diabetics to ensure a steady stream of their drugs without injections. The possibilities must be endless.

Isn't science wonderful.


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