Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Now it's really getting complicated.

First of all it was easy. Everyone wanted to stop people killing them. So they came out with a plan that said murder was bad, people that did it were caught, tried and punished. That worked OK as everybody wanted to live.

Then of course we extended it to stealing, screwing our wives/husbands etc. Again, that wasn't too bad because although we all wanted to do it we didn't want it happening to us more.

Of course when all this is done we then get to the ones where we don't all agree. When a few people want to do something but most do not. We produce laws that stop these people doing things based on the will of the majority. Some times with reason but most times just because we don't like it.

Now we are at the point where the rules that say we can't do something that most of us want to do but can't because of the PC world we live in and the will of the vocal minority. Read about rights of people you don't necessarily agree with being forced upon you here.

At this stage we have probably legislated all the common laws we can. We are now moving on to the ones where we are treading on individual rights to meet someone else's wants. Foxhunting, Guns, Cars, Gay Rights, Muslim rights, Green issues, etc. We are forced by the state to give up our rights to meet rights that have been deemed to supersede ours by a group trying to engineer society around an artificial and unrealistic view.

If it isn't supported by the public then it will never work. A few will fall foul of the law and a few will force others to follow the law. But the law works in ways that contradict itself. People find ways around these badly thought out laws and all it does is create extra costs for working out these ways.

Will we ever stop tweaking and adjusting a complete society for a vocal and well organised minority? I'm thinking of turning Gay to get a few rights back. I can't do anything about being of colour or foreign so it's the only way to go.


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