Monday, January 08, 2007

Joined up thinking.

No wonder the kids are getting a poor education from this lot.

On the front page of the BBC News site.

The government is looking at performing more tests on kids. Read here. While at the same time a think tank is recommending that tests should be replaced and some tests should be optional. Read here. All sticking plaster goody goody solutions. None of these is probably a real solution to the problem but now the education system is so weighed down with sticking plasters that it is bedridden.

Now I fail to understand how you can take a system that was not perfect yet had been working reasonably well for decades and turn it into the mess it is now with all these PC and gently gently education policies in so short a time. So now no one is public education gets a good service. Schools no longer prepare anyone for the real world and qualifications are looked upon with suspicion. Advisers are advising and our all knowing government does what it thinks best.

I'm beyond the stage where this is just ineptitude on behalf of our all controlling government. This, coupled with everything else that is going on, looks like a managed and coordinated attack on the UK. Nobody could do so much damage in so short a time accidentally or through general stupidity. I know it looks paranoid and leans towards a conspiracy but what else explains it?


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