Sunday, January 07, 2007

More security is less security.

Jeez. I've just ordered my SAN and a terabyte of storage. Threw in a couple of 2Gb USB sticks as well as for £15 they are quite handy. Bought them from Scan who I have used for quite a few years starting back in the early 90s when they were a lot smaller. They have always been helpful, offer good service, a good range and at reasonable prices. Firms like this deserve to prosper.

So picked all my bits. Total £500 which was less than I expected. Went into the paying bit then I seen interest free for 9 months so I though why not. The question was answered when I got to the finance sight when I had to give information that I had no idea about. I don't know when I moved in to my house, nor do I know the postcode for my employers. Maybe I should but I gave up in the end. Went back and tried again. Had to pick everything up again in the basket but there were only four items so it wasn't a big deal. This time gave the interest free a miss. Then I came to the card protection bit and surprise surprise I had to create a new account for my card with the card provider. No PIN, they wanted a new password which I had to create on line. So I have yet another password to remember.

No wonder so many people use the same passwords for all the accounts or write their passwords down. With each company having different criteria, must have at least 1 non alphanumeric, must be a minimum of six, eight, can't be a recognised word. What chance have you of remembering them? With the ones at work as well I have no chance.

I've an encrypted file on my computer with the passwords and PIN numbers in. Only thing is by the time I got to the computer I had forgotten the password. Oops. Never mind the banks get what they need out of it. We end up with less security and the responsibility if it goes wrong.


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