Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I really don't understand Arab logic.

When I say I, I really mean the West do not understand Arab logic. Clearly the way things are going our wonderful leaders and most of the people speaking out about the Middle East do not. Western logic does not seem to make any sense of what is going on out there. Every time I think something starts to make sense something comes along and changes it like this video.

Here is a clip, via HotAir, between two Iraqi's heatedly arguing about Saddam Hussein. Unfortunately the player is crap and keeps on stopping for buffering. Watch it here for an eye opener.

The bit that puts it in perspective is the guy defending Saddam had his brother, his brother in law and other relatives all killed by Saddam. He is saying prayers for the martyred Saddam and singing his praises. Threatening the other guy, who's history is dubious, with death for speaking badly of Saddam.

Make some sort of sense from that if you can.

Now if even a fraction of the people in Iraq are like this guy no wonder we are having such a tough time. Bearing in mind most Iraqi's would not have had involvement with the police and Saddam personally and thus all they will remember is the UN blockades and the wars. We meddle in things we don't understand at our peril. Sorry, our leaders meddle in things they don't understand at our peril.

And it's not just Arab logic. Read here about the new Saddam's. It's spreading.


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