Friday, January 05, 2007

Iraqi executions to continue.

Apparently they can change all the laws to allow the president to be tried and executed and stop the executions of those tried by Saddam but they can't change the law to stop executions of the two tried by a camel court1. So the executions of the two who were tried with Saddam will go ahead. But, they will be much better. Read here.

That means they will search everyone for recording equipment and the taunts and the dancing will still go on. We just won't hear about it. After all Saddam's execution was to Iraqi and Islamic standards.

To be honest I find it difficult to understand the concern about the release of the execution video. After all they recorded it themselves for. at least, a private showing to Bush. At least it shows justice is done. Now if they sorted out the clowns who showed what a farce it was then they could release all the videos. Maybe there should be a website.

The only people that will be punished for this are the people who made the videos. The others will just get told to be careful next time.

1) Sorry.


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