Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blaming the messenger, yet again.

I wasn't going to comment on Saddam's execution besides the original one where he actually took the drop. Something I was surprised about. But things change. And here is more.

It seems that because nothing has happened after Saddam's death then everything is hunky dory. Isn't it Eid over there time of peace and goodwill? That could be one reason for the lack of response plus it was a surprise execution. Nobody was aware and could prepare and finally there is now the video that shows how he was treated in the execution itself which also caused some upset.

The much touted celebrations are mainly from outside Iraq where everyone there had left to get away from Saddam plus of course Sadr followers etc. The ordinary Iraqi doesn't seem to be celebrating his death with many claiming life was much better under Saddam. Read here. The stories on the BBC site from Shia and Sunni families show things are not good for your average Iraqi.

Now apparently the Iraqi are investigating who took the camera phone footage of the execution. Of course it's nothing to do with the people taunting, triggering the trapdoors in the middle of prayers or dancing round his body. That is OK, it's the video footage that needs to be investigated. Read here. Saddam seems to be the most composed in the room. Even in the execution chamber he came off better than those who have taken over.

A brutal regime changed for exactly the same things under different names.


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