Monday, November 06, 2006

Bonfire night.

Had a chat with a couple of people today about our dangerous pastime of setting off fireworks on the 5th of November.

Last night seemed to be a perfect example of the sort of situation that can lead to bans on these things. There seemed to be fire engines and police running around all night. To the same unruly youths that cause trouble all the time but this time with them setting fire to things and throwing around potentially dangerous items.

Even with our little setup in the back garden I was concerned about a couple of incidents. One was where a rocket went straight up and then shot off at an angle down the street at just above roof fight and exploded just above a house at the bottom of the street. It was a screecher so they would have heard this scream followed by a load boom about 50 ft up. I'll speak to the guy when I see him next and see if he remembers anything. They were still firing things off long after the granddaughter had gone to bed. The other was a lot more interesting for us. Someone had brought a big, and I mean big, rocker round for a show. He stuck it in the ground, lit the fuse and waited. It went through everything but the motion. It fizzed and failed to take off despite the thrust being applied. A shout and everyone was running for cover before a deafening boom and we were all covered in hot sprapnel.

Anyway, we all had a great time and, as a bonus, no-one was hurt.


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