Friday, July 28, 2006

A new source of revenue to take the heat from the motorist.

Boy did I laugh when I came across this today. One of the cyclists in work was talking about it and pointed it out to me.

It seems that cyclists are jumping red lights and cycling on pavements. No! I don't believe it. And Red Ken, our London mayor, has plans to stop that on his patch. As usual, as Ken is a Labour politician, it seems to revolve around registration of the vehicles. Read more here.

Could it be that Ken sees a way to make more money in his congestion zones now that bikes seem to be taking over from cars? Is his income less than expected?

Never mind. He sees a way to increase revenue. Stage one registration. It's for the children. One may get run over by a cyclist on the pavement or running a red light. If it saves only one it will be worthwhile. How many millions will it cost to fund the registration database? How long before each vehicle needs a license to ride? Am I being cynical. Of course I am. Silly me.

I can just see a whole government industry growing up. Registration, riding tests, licensing, cycle police, MOT tests. SORN for the winter months. Why should they be any different from motor bikes?

I've seen pedestrians walking across roads like they owned the place. Oh wait! They do. They, and cyclists (yet), are not charged for the roads that others have paid for. They are not licensed or subject to usage fees. Wait till they need to have these ID cards stuck on their foreheads so Mad Red Ken can identify them on CCTV and charge them for the privilege of being in his city.

I for one am laughing my socks off at this. Now is the time to buy your bikes. You will be able to sell them on the black market to terrorists in ten years. Everything you do outside the laws strict parameters seems to fund terrorists.

My cyclist friend is not amused. He used to shoot pistols and knows only too well what our useless government does once things are registered.

From my viewpoint I think we should go for it. Everybody seems to support things that curtail what I want to do. So screw 'em. Let the greenies see what it is like to be persecuted because of a lifestyle choice. I for one can't wait.


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