Saturday, July 01, 2006

A plan for the future

Went round to my neighbours today for a BBQ as part of the footie match process. Unfortunately, it was a bit subdued due to the result but the food was good.

Anyway while I was there one of the other neighbours, who has just returned from duty in Iraq, was telling us a bit about life over there and in the army. Now clearly something has changed because a few years ago we got into a heated discussion on Iraq. He was all for it and now he is not. He is nothing but critical about the whole thing and especially the way the armed forces are being screwed. Sounds like he is looking for a nice security role in a large corporate. He is quite high up in his unit and privy to some classified briefings which I suspect is the reason he has changed his mind about things but of course he doesn't want to go into details. Bummer.


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