Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One stubborn kid.

Just got back from the Hospital. Seems that the granddaughter is so stubborn that she can hold her breath until she goes unconscious. Doctors say there is nothing to worry about but I'm not sure logic is much use while this process is going on. Also it appears that it is quite common with children under two. Well, I had two and they never did anything like this.

The little one is back to her usual tricks. Mum has been shown how to deal with it and peace, but not tranquility, has returned to the household. She better not do this again if I want to keep sane.

So. All in all, everything OK.


At 10:17 pm, Blogger Kevin said...

My elder sister used to do this at the age of 2 or so, my mother tells me.

A glass of ice-water to the face during such a tantrum cured her, though.


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