Saturday, June 24, 2006

I think there is more danger from the home grown ones not the same as.

The US Attorney-General, Alberto Gonzales has warned that home-grown terrorists could pose as much danger to the US as foreign al-Qaeda operatives. Read more here. Really? I think he has it wrong. I think they are more dangerous. In the UK and the US.

A lot of people have been getting fed up with the way our countries are going. Many will turn a blind eye to things that before they would question and check up on. Now everyone is covering up something from the plastic bottle we put in the bin instead of the recycling, using your garden hose to a job on the side as a driver or a shop assistant paid in cash. Only a hardcore few soon to be the nosey sort and turning people in. They are known and it won't be long before they start paying in pain or repairs.

The home grown boys have all the advantages, valid ID, access to safe houses for plotting and storage and a network of friends and relatives. The imported ones have little help like that and are unable to really put a good long term campaign on. OK. You can get things like 911 but it took years of planning, plenty of money but was a one off and the US is now prepared, well sort of anyway. Our 7/7 were home grown and despite the talk there is nothing to stop it happening again. Chances are it will. Remember that one of the guys was known and I wonder how many thousands are on the watch list now. Remember the botched raid guys were on that list and they were totally innocent. Time must have been wasted, besides the raid on some preliminary investigation that have been done to thousands of others.

You never know you and I could be on that list. Our phone calls could be intercepted and our lives examined. I bet once you are on the list you never come off, well maybe de Menezes has but I'm sure that his file is just transferred. So with so many people on the list how many other Mohammed Siddique Khan's are out there and hidden among all the false leads. With so much false data the database will be impossible to use. Maybe we will all be an entry in the database. Looks like people are calling and offering the name of someone who parks in their space or let's their dog run amok in their garden. 'I don't know if to mention this but I seen him with a long tube like one of them rocker launchers walking into the house'

My fear is that these guys get smart. The home grown ones plan and prepare then a couple of fanatics from outside fly in and the next day 'Just walk over there and press this' With a group of these fanatics willing to die anyone with a decent plan could bring this country to it's knees. Not targeting civilians but infrastructure, civic areas such as courtrooms and , please, politicians.


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