Thursday, July 27, 2006

Drug education.

Seems that we should be teaching our kids more about the dangers of drugs in schools. Read more here.

Now maybe it is just me but I'm sure that when I was a lad we didn't have sex education or drugs education but we were taught how to read, write and do sums. Now we spend so much time preparing our kids for failure, teaching them things that have little use in the real world and failing to teach them the minimum they really need.

We should spend the younger years teaching them basics and until they have an understanding of that they continue with those basics. Once they have mastered that then they could move on to the PC and government inspired stages. Not that they should of course.

No one should leave school in this day and age not being able to read, write or do basic maths. No one. How soon before we have a whole generation that is bared literate. Just fodder for the educated few's factories on minimum wage.


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