Saturday, June 07, 2008

The trouble with the West.

Reading one of the many articles about Hillary Clinton conceding defeat to Obama where it was talking about the glass ceiling. You know that artificial ceiling that is used as an excuse every time a women fails to get to a certain point. This article is actually talking about Clintons failure as if it is a win for womankind. Read here.

I'm sure to be accused of being sexist but such is life. You see I don't see Clinton's failure, as it was a failure, to get the nomination as a reflection on her being a woman. The Democrats love that sort of thing and her main problem was she was up against another minority and she came across to the public the way she is and Obama compared very favourably with that. Simple. So I'm sure that a few wouldn't vote for her because she was a woman, but some wouldn't vote for Obama because he is black and some won't vote for McCain because he is too old. Shock, horror we all have prejudices and legislation will never get rid of it. It just allows people to be pushed into corners and informed that 'If you don't vote for Clinton you are sexist'. Boy, I wonder how many suicides occurred when these whingy whiney do gooders discovered that they were going to be sexist or racist with no way out.

The fact is Clinton has not done anything for women at all. In fact she may have put their chances back. I don't remember Thatcher crying when things didn't go her way and despite Clintons recollections Bhutto was actually in the line of fire whilst she went about her business to her cost. Many other women have been in top positions and in societies where women do have a lower standing and face death threats by people that really mean it. Clinton's main risk to life and limb was choking on her fund raising dinners and catching something from Billy boy. So other women have done much more than Clinton has. OK there has not been a woman president yet but neither has there been a black president, hispanic president or many other minorities. Perhaps if a good women candidate was put forward then she would have beaten Obama and perhaps even have got the top spot. So it's less of a sexist agenda and more of a I hate Clinton agenda.

It seems that here in the west that without some sort of guilt trip women can't compete favourably. That isn't true but while it is seen as a requirement then women will never compete as equals. The Clinton supporters who claim otherwise are doing women no favours at all.

btw : I'm glad to see that in America their choices are just as bad as ours. No real differences between any of them. It's not just us that are screwing our society.


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